Whether you have a studio at the end of your garden or a desk in the corner of your living room, lighting is an essential part of a happy workspace.

First assess the natural light coming into your room. A good amount of sunlight during the day will boost your mood and be a universal source of light that won’t strain your eyes. Make sure you have an adjustable blind to minimise glare when the sun is low. Ideally your desk will either face or sit at right angles to the window to wash your work surface with natural light and avoid reflections on your computer screen.

As the sunlight fades, take care how you replace it. A bright pool of light over your desk can strain your eyes while an over-lit room in the evening confuses your body clock and can lead to fatigue. Instead choose multiple sources of soft, diffused light; one to light your desk as the sun fades, and others to softly light the room behind you.

A desk light should be positioned so you have even light across your desk and are not working in your own shadow; an adjustable task lamp is ideal but remember to use a low wattage bulb – you are lighting a surface only inches away. Also consider task lamps with different levels of light output; you can set the AGEAN to and KYOMI to different brightness levels with the touch of a button. Don’t forget design – inspiring desk lamps add character to your space; our MENDAL task lamp and matt black ASHWORTH are both practical and stylish. We have a wide variety of task lamp styles and designs to choose, click here to browse the full range.

If you have a small desk or office nook, consider installing an adjustable wall light. More commonly used above the bedside table, these designs are ideal if table-top space is in short supply. Our TADLEY range features an assortment of finishes to suit your interior, complete with an LED light and gooseneck design that allows you to move light where you need it.

Across the room, you want to achieve a calm and even diffusion of light; consider dimmable fittings or lower wattage bulbs here too. Lined lampshades soften and scatter light, we have a fantastic range of lampshades to choose from; from velvet designs through to striking patterns, you’ll easily find a suitable style to fit your space. Uplighter floor lamps will bounce the light off the walls and ceilings, illuminating dark corners will brighten and enhance your working area.

A final note on choosing bulbs; we highly recommend LED lamps. Not only energy efficient but most importantly with a low heat output, making them much more comfortable to work near.