We love natural materials in the home; solid wood, wools and cottons, ceramics and rich metals give calm depth to a space. There is a particular understated luxury that comes with stone surfaces, and we are delighted to offer a selection of wall and table lights in solid marble.

Of all our stone products, none has more flair than the spectacular Achates pendant, made of 24 unique pieces of agate; each formed naturally in volcanic rock, sliced and polished to a high shine. The natural material is selected in a subtle blend of greens and blues, contrasting with the warm gold of the metalwork which looks beautiful when off and spectacular when lit.

Agate is a gemstone formed in concentric layers of silica and quartz crystals; it can be found across the world but is most prevalent near volcanoes. A hard and resilient stone, agate can be polished to a high shine and is often used in jewellery. We have retained its rocky edge, contrasting with the lustrous patterns of the quartz layers.

If you like Achates, you may also be interested in its smaller cousins; the Taormina table lamp has a single piece of agate suspended on a gold finish stem with a simple ivory shade included. The Tazari table lamp sits on a solid marble base and is part of our Handmade In India collection – it looks spectacular on a shelf or side table, casting dramatic light onto the wall behind.


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