Bedrooms actually need very little light most of the time; bright light is only required for dressing, packing suitcases and cleaning. Bedside lights are key, so put your overhead lighting on a dimmer or switch it off entirely in the evenings. Bright light before bedtime will not help you sleep.

If opting for bedside table lamps, choose a larger light than you might normally go for; they will provide ambient light for the entire room and better light for reading. They are also an opportunity to accent the décor of the surrounding room; browse here to see our wide variety of sizes and finishes.



Wall lights should ideally be operated on a separate circuit to your overhead lights, with a switch located by your bed. Many of our wall fittings have their own switches or pull-cords so they can be individually controlled. Make a statement with matching lights at each side of the bed; the Cevero and Alsie have a sculptural metal decoration beneath a simple ivory shade.

If you are feeling adventurous, ceiling-suspended pendant lights frame the bed dramatically and keep your bedside table clutter-free; we love the calm opal glass of the Yelena and Izyan pendants.


We also have ranges specifically designed for the bedside, with angled spot lights for reading. The Gobi is an elegant combination of rich brass and solid marble, while the Bjorn range features an articulated LED reading arm. The Amalfi and Modena wall fittings have both an ambient room light and LED reading spotlight, making them highly practical as a principal light source.

For the bedtime technophile, we are proud to introduce the Dijon and Raoul wall lights with USB ports for easy phone charging, and the backlit Eta wall light with integrated Bluetooth speaker.

A final note: we always recommend LED lightbulbs for their long lifespan and energy efficiency but they are also cool to the touch, which makes them safer and more comfortable for bedside lighting.