Over centuries, artisan crafts have become embedded within communities across India, resulting in a rich and diverse industry of high-quality small-scale manufacture. Our Handmade In India collection champions these local techniques with authentic artisan finishes that give each product the wonderfully familiar feel of a much loved item.

Skilled metalwork techniques originally used to create kitchen vessels, tools, and armour have been passed down over 5,000 years and are now visible in the hand-hammered finish of the Neve and Runa pendants, the pierced form of the Kaftan table light, and the exquisite polished detailing of the Javier family.

Sustainable lathe-turned mango wood is used throughout the collection, from the decorative detailing of the oversized Vadna pendant to the sleek lines of the Ziva and Seona, and the elegant simplicity of the Mumbai pendant. A by-product of India’s thriving fruit industry, mango trees reach a height of 80-100 feet in just 15 years, at which point they become too tall to harvest and are felled for timber. The wood is densely-grained, durable and uniquely smooth to the touch.


Finally, India’s emerging glass industry is led by talented mouth-blown and hand-cut techniques, offering a rare level of craftsmanship. The Zecchino table lamp and pendant features a beautiful etched diamond pattern, while the Nuella family is a more contemporary design. The characterful Reign and Ilario pendants are formed of individual glass panes hand-mounted onto an antique brass frame.

The beauty of hand-crafted products is in their unique signature. No two are identical, each one representing the work of an individual craftsperson in all its glory and occasional imperfection that gives the authentic character to these artisanal items.

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