Handmade ceramics have a wonderful soulful patina, which subtly reacts to light like no other surface. What better material then for a lamp base? The design team at där has travelled Europe searching for the maker of this unique ceramic collection, eventually finding family-run workshops on the Portuguese coast. Originally specialising in ornate vases, these skilled artisans have adapted their craft to produce lamp bases with exceptional finishes.

Each lamp is hand-sculpted to create a mould before being slip-cast in small batches and hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail. Use of specialist glazes that transform during firing ensures that each final product is a singular work of art. The time and care taken is easily visible, with a finish that can only be achieved by hand.



Portugal has a rich history of ceramic art passed down through generations beginning with prehistoric tribes making clay vessels and figures. Glazing techniques were honed during the medieval period, where brightly glazed tiles became synonymous with Portuguese architecture. More recently, modern ceramicists are merging ancient techniques with contemporary innovations to create finishes that cannot be found anywhere else.


Our collection communicates these traditions in many different techniques, with products ranging from the crisp white facets of the Tuille lamp to the earthy unglazed surface of Jette. The Ignatio, Lautaro and Abilo lamps, meanwhile, have a delicate gradation of colour in their glaze for a uniquely subtle effect. Traditional patterns are implemented on the Ego, while the spiny profile of Sintra echoes the cactus plant.

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