If you are looking to make a quick and easy update to your home, replacing shades or adding table lamps is a great place to start. Our eye is always drawn to the brightest point in a room, so light sources can be the first thing we notice.

When replacing shades, consider coordinating with nearby textiles such as curtains, throws and cushions. White and cream shades usually cast a cool light, while darker colours create a moody atmospheric glow. You can browse our selection of shades here. For ceiling lights, our easy fit pendants (as their name implies) can be easily fitted onto suspended light bulbs without the need for an electrician, making them the ideal low-cost update and perfect for rental properties. There are more styles and sizes than ever before – browse our full selection here.

Living areas need layered lighting to cater for different uses at each time of the day, with bright overhead lights for tasks and soft indirect lighting for eating, socialising, and relaxing. Table lamps are essential for the latter and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evening. Place lamps in dark corners of a room to highlight and enlarge your space and also consider locating them near windows, which can become dark spots once the curtains are drawn at night.

A final tip from us: the size and shape of your lamp should match the proportions of the surrounding room, with tall narrow lamps suited to hallways and more generously proportioned lights for spacious living areas. You can browse our full collection of table lamps here.

The Onza easy fit pendant and Ziggy table lamp are part of our Wisebuys collection of fantastic value lighting products. Browse here and purchase via our stockists.

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