The first commercial light bulb was marketed by Thomas Edison in 1880 and, in the last 140 years, no single innovation has been as important as the LED bulb.

An old-school fluorescent bulb will lose 95% of electrical energy as heat, with just 5% becoming light (which is why traditional bulbs become so hot!). The LED flips this statistic on its head, converting 95% electrical energy into light and losing just 5% as heat. As a result LEDs require far less electricity; a 60W bulb can be replaced by an LED equivalent of just 6-8W. Have a look at our handy table below.

Light Output Incandescent Bulbs LED Bulbs
Lumens Watts Watts
450 40 4-5
750-900 60 6-8
1100-1300 75-100 9-13
1600-1800 100 16-20
2600-2800 150 25-28


Note the Lumens column – this measures the light coming out rather than the electricity going in.

Lifespan depends on the type of light and how it is used, but you can expect an LED bulb to last up to twenty-five times longer than other types! So, although they may cost a little more to buy, LEDs will save you money not only by using far less electricity, but also by lasting much longer before they need replacing.

But LED lighting is not only good news for our homes; it will revolutionise our impact on the environment. The US government has calculated LEDs will save the country 348 TWh of electricity by 2027 – that’s $30 billion and the annual output of 44 large power plants. Similar predictions are being made across Europe. And finally, LED lights contain no toxic elements and their long lifespan means fewer will be used, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint.

The där lighting group is proud to champion LED products in two ways. Firstly with sleek modern products that have LEDs integrated into them; you don’t need to change these bulbs and they are designed to last the life of the product. You can browse our integrated LED products here.

Secondly, we are proud to have our own collection of LED light bulbs, compatible with all our products. So, even if you buy a ceiling, table or wall lamp with a standard screwcap or bayonet lamp holder, you can still benefit from LED.